Good Good day Everyone

I am here to appreciate what Dr Muhammed Mukisa did for me. I just need Dr to assist me with my boyfriend. I’ve been staying with him in my house for a year and I have been supporting him because he has financial problems, he is in debts. So one day he decided to move from the the house without notifying me and he abused me a lot. he hurt me a lot and he left me pregnant he didn’t want to help me with anything.

When I told Dr Muhammad about this, He said he’s going to bring him back to me in 2 days. I thought it is a joke because I tried more than 5 healers when on one was helping me. They just took my money. With Dr Muhammad I really discovered that true healers are still existing. He took me in the process of 2 days makinh prayers with him and practicing some rituals. After those 2 days my boyfriend came back home and asked for forgiveness and right how we got married with 2 children. Thank you Dr Muhammad Mukisa for everything.

You need his help, here is his contact. +27780625732 or you can email him on

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